November 4, 2011

Winter is coming!

Next Week on Scary True: A winter storm is fast approaching and its herald walks among us! When Halloween is over, "The God of Winter Returns."
And check out this week's ghost story "The Ghost of Halloween."

Every so often, Scary True would like to spotlight websites, books, films, and other fun stuff that promote scares, creeps, and the heebie-jeebies. With Halloween over, Scary True would like to acknowledge the people who keep the spirit of the best holiday going. Some of my favorite Halloween creators and haunters can be found at PumpkinrotSomething WicKED This Way Comes, Magikal Seasons, and Frog on a Pumpkin. These people work tirelessly to create the seasonal and the scary, the fantastic and the frightening, the things that remind us that Halloween is a holiday made by hand. So, if you find yourself wishing it were October again, check out these blogs. And if you're feeling ambitious and think you might want to try your hand at some Halloween creations, you've got about 360 days, so get to it!


  1. Thank you so much for your kind words. To be listed among such renowned authors is humbling. I will do my best to keep it going ;)

  2. You're welcome, wicKED! Halloween lives!

  3. Halloween lives forever in my heart. I love your stories by the way especially the witchy ones. I have also awarded you with a blog award!

  4. Thanks for the award, Haunted Rose! That's a sweet post-Halloween surprise, like finding extra candy in your treat bag! And I'm glad you like the stories. I'll have to check the archives for more witchy ones!

  5. Awesome blog choices. You've picked some of my favorite blogs. I'm waiting for the God of Winter to return to us. He's always a little slow in our neck of the woods.


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