March 5, 2012

Ghost Hunter: The Ghost That Grew

Gail is a ghost hunter. I have known her for a long time, longer than her career as a ghost hunter, and, after years of begging, she has agreed to publish the details of one of her most terrifying cases. We welcome Gail the Ghost Hunter to Scary True.

“The first time I set eyes on the Hooper house was June of 1982. I had never seen such a forlorn, hopeless-looking house, and I have seen some very bad houses in my days, some very mean houses. The Hooper house was a house of despair.

“The history goes that it was built in the 1870s in northeastern Connecticut. By 1915, a young farmer named Clayton Hooper was living there with his wife, Catherine. I don’t know whether Hooper bought or inherited the house because some of those records are missing.

“The Hoopers started a family. In total, they had four children. The last child, a girl, died within a year of her birth, and it seems that Mrs. Hooper lost herself to grief. After the surviving children grew up and moved away, Clayton and Catherine lived in the house until their deaths in the 1950s.

“The house sat empty for many years. That part of Connecticut was not faring well economically, and no one who lived in those parts could afford it. Finally, in the late 1970s, it was sold to a couple up from New York.

“This couple, David and Rachel, wanted to leave the city and settle down in the country, raise a family. They planned on fixing the place up. They were nice folks, but they didn’t know what they had bought. 

“I first got the phone call from Rachel after she had heard me on a show about ghosts that a local radio station out of Massachusetts had done. As soon as we began talking, I could tell that there was something extraordinary about this case.

“Her husband, David, spent the weekdays in the city while she looked after the renovations. There had been some strange sounds – footsteps mostly – but Rachel wasn’t bothered by it at all until she started to hear the crying.

“Now, you can get a lot of different manifestations in a haunting, but in my experience, crying is very rare. There was a room – it was going to be a home office – where a lot of the trouble took place.

“Like I said, it was June of ‘82 when I went up to see the house. Rachel invited me in and I immediately felt her warmth and her heart. David wasn’t home.

“I’ve studied ghosts for many years, but I’ve experienced them my whole life. I can sense when they’re around, and I can feel a bit of what they feel. Some folks call me a psychic.

“Rachel took me up to that room, and I knew right away what was there. I didn’t want to scare her because it’s sad, you know? It was that baby, the Hooper baby, and it was still up in that room. I think that room must have been the nursery and that must have been where that baby died.

“I sat Rachel down and I told her about the research I had done on the house and the bad things that had happened there. She wasn’t surprised; she must’ve known from the crying. But she surprised me when she told me that it wasn’t the baby ghost that bothered her, it was the other one.

“She showed me her back. There were four long deep scratches. She said it had happened just before she called me. She was a little embarrassed by it, and didn’t want to tell over the phone. She was moving some boxes in the office and something attacked her, threw her across the room. 

“Well, that is not the action of a ghost; that is an inhuman entity, a demon. I thought that was why I didn’t sense more than one ghost; a demon doesn’t register like a ghost does, it comes across on a different kind of spiritual frequency, so to speak.

“We spent the rest of the afternoon preparing ourselves for a cleansing. It’s like an exorcism for the house. I planned on making contact with the entity and confronting it. Usually, calling out a ghost can be enough to send it on its way.

“We opened up all the windows, we salted the doors, we started burning the sage. We started on the ground floor smudging the sage smoke into every room and then we went upstairs. We worked the smoke into every nook and cranny we could find. We had the one last room to cleanse.

“It was cold in the old nursery, bone-chilling cold. As soon we stepped through the door, the whole room seemed to darken and lengthen, like it was growing and swelling with the darkness.

“I took the smoke all around the room and I called down the powers that look after me. Rachel and me could hear the crying start softly in the corner and all the time I was talking, it grew louder and louder. Soon it was just wailing and wailing at us.

“I told that demon it needed to leave. I felt so bad for that little baby, but it didn’t seem like the demon was really responding at all. Usually, at this point, we’d get an entity lashing out at us with noises or psychokinetic activity or even physical attacks.

“The crying was starting to get to Rachel and she shouted back, ‘Please, please stop.’ Now, that seemed to change something, like the ghost recognized something in her voice and the crying starts to fade away.

“But as it did, we experienced a manifestation. The room got so dark you couldn’t see the walls anymore and it seemed like the room was very big, like a ballroom. There was a noise like something coming across the floor, and we could see something coming, something moving like a shadow from very far away, impossibly far away.

“It was a baby, or at least, it looked like a baby. It was pale and it seemed to shine in the dark. It had these black streaks all over it, like oil or something, mostly coming out of its eyes. And as it moved and got closer, it changed, it grew. It was crawling and then it was walking and then it was running. It just kept getting bigger and bigger, closer and closer.

“It was like the room became a tunnel and the tunnel stretched out to somewhere beyond the house, beyond our world. At one end of the tunnel was the baby and at the other end was something that it had become, something it had had grown into.

“Now, I don’t know what the spirit world is like, but I figure there’s no reason that time works the same there as it does in our world. I think what we saw was the time that this particular ghost moved through; all of it, all at once.

“It seemed like it was very close to us now and it certainly was not a baby now. It was truly gigantic, like a giant shadow, and it was barreling down the tunnel at us and it was just full of fear and hate.

“Rachel spoke again and she said, ‘Please be a good baby,’ and this thing, it started to cry again. Then I think I knew what had happened. You see, a baby is like a sponge, it absorbs everything around it in order to grow. In fact, it can’t do anything but learn and grow, and this baby, when it crossed over, was fixed on growing. It didn’t know anything else.

“This ghost had grown up, it had become something else, something spiteful. There never was a demon, it was just the baby all along.

“Rachel, bless her heart, she knew what to do better than I did. She said, ‘Hush, now. Go to sleep, baby,’ and it seemed like the room started to shrink and everything went pitch dark. The crying went away and now we could hear a soft whimpering and then that went away, too.

“The room brightened up, back to what it should have been, with nothing out of place. I didn’t quite sense the baby ghost anymore, but I did get the feeling that something was still there, something just below the surface, so to say.

“I said my goodbyes and had to thank Rachel for her quick thinking. Of course, when I left her that night, I told her, ‘Don’t wake that baby, now.’ She never had a problem with the ghost again, and she went on have four children of her own, and I think that went a long way to keeping things quiet at the Hooper house.”

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