March 12, 2012

What Jenny Saw

“What Jenny Saw” is no longer available here but you can read it in Scary True Stories, an ebook collection of true encounters with the paranormal. Find Scary True Stories at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iTunes and Smashwords.


  1. Nice, scary story. Is this something you made up or did you hear it somewhere? New follower ;-)

  2. I like to imagine that the story's authenticity is unresolved and only through constant doubt can we approach freedom from truth. Thanks for reading, Vanessa!

  3. I just stumbled upon this website looking at faerie stories. I know this story, and it's an old one told all around Europe, in Ireland, England, Germany, etc. It goes by various titles, such as "The Woman Among the Elves", "The Midwife of Listowel", "The Fairy Nurse", "Fairy Ointment", etc. I'm not saying I doubt the authenticity, because if it is true, it proves that the fae are real since it's happened multiple times. However, it does seem like an update of the European faerie stories I've read.

    Several of the older stories can be found on the D.L. Ashliman website of folktexts, under "Midwife(or Godparent, or Nurse) for the Elves", and are fairy tales of Aarne-Thompson-Uther type 476, and migratory legends of Christiansen type 5070. Not all of them follow the exact pattern of the midwife accidentally rubbing her eye with the ointment, seeing the truth of the fae, and her subsequent blinding, but many do.


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